Skin Rejuvenation


Advances in laser technology are constantly giving us new and better ways to turn back the clock on aged skin, often with little or no downtime, side effects, or risks. Lasers can address some of the most common complaints of aged skin, giving dull, creepy, uneven skin a smoother, more lustrous appearance.

Age Spot Treatment

Do dark spots on your face and hands make you feel self-conscious? Dark spots (often called sun spots or liver spots) on the face and hands are common as we age, but some people get them earlier, darker, and denser than others. When this happens, it may give you an aged appearance, but fortunately treatments…


Keloids Treatment

Keloids are scars that grow beyond the original borders of the wound. Like hypertrophic scars they are raised, but they are often dark in color and hard to the touch. Without treatment, they will often continue to grow. Keloid scars can make you self-conscious, but you don’t have to live with them. Treatments at Skin…


Post Acne Scar Reduction

If your acne scars are pretty serious, the Skin Arts Aesthetics is a better choice. It’s intensive light has proven to achieve very significant results with acne scarring that is more pronounced and does a great job on milder scarring too. Skin Arts Aesthetics scars are a common problem for many clients because they often occur…


How are we different

A certified center for dermatology and cosmetic surgeries in a lounge like setting will have the best medical oversight. You’ll get the luxury of a treatment with the medical expertise and supervision that’s paramount to keeping your skin healthy. As doctors, they have a better idea of what a client needs, which will go a long way toward avoiding problems. Skin Arts provides the highest level of medically proved application of skin therapies by a team of experienced medical experts in Kathmandu. Individual needs are assessed prior to starting with the treatments to enhance your outer beauty in every sense. We choose nothing but the best, safest and most rigorously tested products available on the market, giving our clients full peace of mind. Some medical spa operators and laser centers call themselves “skin care specialists” when they actually have very little training and knowledge with no proper technology to back them. Skin Arts, offers a complete laser and cosmetic service under a roof with doctors taking care of your problems with the state-of-art technologies available to you. So if you want to get rid of unwanted skin problems, hair related problems, or any other help to regain your lost confidence, Skin Arts is the place you want to go to.