Nose Surgery


Rhinoplasty, or surgery of the nose, is a procedure used to enhance the appearance of the nose or to improve its function. As a prominent focal point of the face, changes to the nose can have a powerful effect on the overall balance of your face – even with minor adjustments.


The best candidates for surgery of the nose are those in good overall health and who possess realistic expectations regarding the outcome of surgery. Nose reshaping to improve cosmetic appearance is only performed on patients in whom facial bone growth has ceased.

Nose surgery is typically used to treat:

    • Noses too large or wide for the face

    • Dorsal humps (a bump on the bridge of the nose)

    • Thickened, drooping or enlarged nasal tips

    • Overly flared nostrils

    • Asymmetrical or off-center noses

    • Breathing difficulties

    • Many other cosmetic abnormalities not mentioned above
    • Nasal surgery may also be performed to correct damage to the face that may have been caused by trauma, disease or surgical procedures. Damage on one half of the nose can be corrected using the other half of the nose as a template.


Nasal surgery is an outpatient procedure that requires either general or local anesthesia combined with sedation. Doctor begins by making incisions within the nostrils. In more complicated surgeries, incisions are made across the base of the nose. The skin is then separated from the underlying soft cartilage and bone. With the help of specialized tools, our doctors at Skin Arts Aesthetics will reshape and modify the underlying structures of your nose in order to improve the cosmetic appearance and achieve symmetry.

Once the procedure is complete, all incisions are closed with sutures. Soft nasal splints may be placed inside your nostrils and an external splint on the outside to support and protect your nose.


In the days following surgery, you will need to stay home and keep your head elevated to minimize swelling. Bruising and swelling are most visible during the first week of recovery. Bruising should resolve in 1-2 weeks while swelling will gradually subside over the course of several months. Due to prolonged swelling, the final results of your procedure may not be evident for up to one year.

You can return to your normal routine in 10-14 days, but your nose should be protected from impact and sun exposure for several months. More strenuous physical activity should be avoided for several weeks.

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