Face Lift


A facelift can reverse the most common signs of facial aging. A facelift involves repositioning and tightening the facial and neck muscles and removing excess skin. The end result is a more youthful, rested, healthy and energetic appearance.


Ideal candidates for a facelift are patients in good overall health who are dissatisfied or self-conscious about signs of facial aging.  A facelift can treat:

  • Pronounced facial lines and wrinkles
  • Drooping and sagging facial features
  • Jowls (loose skin along the jaw line)
  • Excess skin and fat in the neck
  • Prominent cords, or muscle banding, in the neck
  • A facelift can create smoother, more youthful facial contours. In addition, the muscles of the face and neck should be tighter and a more youthful neckline will be defined. Unsightly features such as a double chin or loose, sagging skin will be eliminated.


General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is administered, and incisions are made around the ears that can be extended into the hairline – both in front of and behind the ears. Through these incisions, as well as one under the chin, the skin and muscle are repositioned and excess fat and skin are removed.  Sometimes, excess fat is transferred from one area of the face to another one the needs augmentation.

The muscle and deep tissue layers are repositioned and secured in place with internal sutures, and the skin is re-draped into place. Once the excess skin is trimmed away, the incisions are closed using fine sutures. Bandages will be applied to the treatment area after the surgery, and tubes may be inserted to allow excess fluid to drain from the incisions.


Immediately following surgery, you will experience some swelling and bruising, but minimal discomfort. These temporary side effects are normal, and can be managed with prescription pain medication. Elevation of the area and ice packs may be used to minimize swelling and bruising.

Stitches are removed in about a week, bruising should resolve in the first two weeks, and swelling in 3-8 weeks. For most patients, normal activity may be resumed in about 2 weeks, and more intense activity and exercise in 6-8 weeks.

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