Very often we come across some kind of lumps in our body and at the most prominent areas where we wouldn’t want them. These can be: lipoma (fat), sebaceous cyst, moles or even at time unfortunately skin cancer (BCC, SCC, melanoma). These require removal surgically for cosmetic or even curative purposes. Some of the excision such as a flat mole, raised mole, skin tags, or any skin lesion which cannot be removed by our laser units has to be surgically removed.
In our center, we can remove these tactfully leaving behind minimal scar that well hidden in natural facial and body lines so that they are very inconspicuous.

How are we different

A certified center for dermatology and cosmetic surgeries in a lounge like setting will have the best medical oversight. You’ll get the luxury of a treatment with the medical expertise and supervision that’s paramount to keeping your skin healthy. As doctors, they have a better idea of what a client needs, which will go a long way toward avoiding problems. Skin Arts provides the highest level of medically proved application of skin therapies by a team of experienced medical experts in Kathmandu. Individual needs are assessed prior to starting with the treatments to enhance your outer beauty in every sense. We choose nothing but the best, safest and most rigorously tested products available on the market, giving our clients full peace of mind. Some medical spa operators and laser centers call themselves “skin care specialists” when they actually have very little training and knowledge with no proper technology to back them. Skin Arts, offers a complete laser and cosmetic service under a roof with doctors taking care of your problems with the state-of-art technologies available to you. So if you want to get rid of unwanted skin problems, hair related problems, or any other help to regain your lost confidence, Skin Arts is the place you want to go to.