Brow Lift


A brow lift is a subtle and effective way to diminish drooping eyebrows, forehead wrinkles and furrows between the eyes. Also called a forehead lift, this procedure can be custom-tailored to meet your facial rejuvenation goals.

A brow lift can reverse natural signs of facial aging commonly seen in patients 40 to over 80 years of age. Younger adults who feel self-conscious about premature facial aging due to stress or genetics may be treated by injectables such as Botox, but may also benefit from a brow lift.

A brow lift can treat:

• Frown lines between the eyebrows
• Deep forehead wrinkles and creases
• Heavy or drooping eyebrows
• A permanently negative, tired or sad facial expression
• The best candidates are non-smoking individuals in good health who have realistic expectations. Our board certified plastic surgeon doctor at Skin Arts Aesthetics will be able to determine if you are an ideal candidate for surgery during your consultation.

A brow lift is typically completed in two to three hours under twilight anesthetic or IV sedation. A traditional or endoscopic approach may be used to rejuvenate your forehead.

During a traditional brow lift, a long coronal incision is made across the top of the head, along or just behind the hairline. The forehead skin is gently lifted so your surgeon can gain access to the underlying tissue.

An endoscopic brow lift uses several small incisions made within the hairline. An endoscopic device is threaded through these incisions so that your surgeon can obtain a clear view of the underlying tissue.

In both surgical approaches, the underlying tissue is readjusted; some muscle may be removed. The skin is then re-draped across the forehead to smooth out deep forehead wrinkles. The underlying tissue is held in place with internal sutures and the skin incision is closed with staples. There is less hair loss with staples than with stitches in the scalp skin.

Immediately after the surgery, a bandage will be applied. Elevating your head and using cold compresses will minimize swelling. Bandages are removed in several days and staples in 2 weeks. By this time, much of the swelling and bruising is gone. Final results will become gradually apparent, as the remaining swelling diminishes, over a period of several months.
Your specific recovery timeline will be discussed, but normal activities may be resumed in 1-2 weeks and more strenuous activities in 3-6 weeks. Incision lines will continue to fade for 12 months or more.

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