Facial Implants (Chin Implants, Cheek Implants, Jaw Implants)


Facial implants can be used to enhance the natural contours of your face. Facial implant surgery is often elective, but can also be used to reconstruct the face following trauma. Through the use of a facial implant, our doctors can improve the natural balance of your facial features.  Although the use of facial implants has declined some with the widespread use of injectable filling agents, these implants provide a more permanent solution to the facial soft tissue volume loss that occurs with aging.


Facial implants can boost the visible contours and natural angles of your face or normalize them after an accident or trauma. Many people are born with an underdeveloped chin or cheekbones; these areas are commonly corrected younger in life. As aging occurs and facial bone volume further diminishes, implants may be used to augment the:

  • Chin
  • Cheekbones
  • Lower Jawline
  • Facial implants can provide better symmetry, fuller features and a more balanced, youthful appearance.

For clients recovering from an accident or trauma, implants can restore the original appearance to the face, helping patients recover both physically and psychologically.


Facial implant surgery can be performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia combined with sedation, based on doctors recommendation. The type of implant surgery you elect will dictate incision locations and the length of your surgery.

  • Chin Implants-The implant is inserted through an incision made inside of the mouth near where the lower lip meets the gums, or externally under the chin. The entire procedure lasts 30-60 minutes.
  • Cheek Implants-The implant is most often inserted through an incision made inside of the mouth near where the upper lip meets the gums. The entire procedure takes approximately 60 minutes.
  • Jaw Implants-The implant is inserted through an incision made inside of the mouth near where the lower lip meets the gums. The entire procedure takes 1-2 hours.

Facial implants are made of bio-compatible silicone and are custom-sized for your bone structure. Facial implant surgery can be performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift, eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty (nose) surgery.


Bandages may be applied to the treatment area following surgery. There will be some discomfort in the days immediately following surgery; chewing may be affected and your diet may be altered. This discomfort can be effectively managed with a  pain medication. Stitches are removed in 5-10 days, unless they are placed inside the mouth, in which case they will dissolve on their own. Normal activities can be resumed in about a week, though the implant area should be protected for the next 4-6 weeks

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