Dimple Creation


Have you ever seen a dimple that doesn’t look good on any face? Well, dimple is one facial feature everybody likes when they see them on someone else’s face. We, at Skin Arts Aesthetics can make it possible for you to have one. We make it a priority to be well versed in various plastic surgery procedures, such as dimple creation surgery. Not many clients are aware of this simple and effective procedure.

Dimple surgery is a procedure conducted under local anesthesia in our clinic’s operating theater(meaning It is not necessary conscious and no need for hospital admission.).

Assessment, measurement and planning the exact location to create your dimple.

You need to keep your mouth open during the procedure like you are at the dentist.
The first step is to make an incision on the inner surface of the cheek ( inside the mouth ), giving you no scar on the outside. (No one will ever know!!)
Next, crucial step is to make a connection between the inner surface of the skin with the muscles active while smiling with a help of a suture. This creates the dimple seen as the depression on your cheek when you smile.
Incision inside the mouth is closed with suture that dissolves on its own with time. (No hassle for removal)
Time: 30 to 60 min

Facial surgery will have variable amount of swelling and bruising for next 3 to 5days and gradually it will subside.
Dimple will remain visible at all time in the beginning (even when you done smile)but slowly fade away by 2 months and be visible only when you smile.
You will be prescribed antibiotics and pain-killers ( only if you need them)
Oral care is very important in post-operative period and especially after food.
Initial days, plain and soft diet will be more comfortable for you.
You may resume your normal activities and work as early as the next day of surgery.

It is not only the cheeks that carry a dimple, some may fancy a chin dimple too. The chin dimple procedure is very similar to cheek dimple surgery. Incisions are not made outside the skin, so no scarring will be present externally.

The most important part of the dimple creation is your initial consultation with us here at Skin Arts Aesthetics. Our surgeon will explain all the details regarding both dimple procedures and answer all of your questions. You are shown the way we agree upon the location of the dimple on your face. And soon after you will have the dimples you have always wanted.

How are we different

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