Scar Revision


Annually, 200 million incisions are performed worldwide and approximately 170, 000 scar revisions are performed in the United States. [1] The treatment of aesthetically unappealing scars can be challenging at times, although it is not without several options. The available options are vary widely, extending from invasive options such as scar excision to less invasive options such as topical silicone therapy. The varied choices for the patients should be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Patients often present to a plastic surgeon after having exhausted other means of disguising their troublesome scars through the use of cosmetics, clothing, and hairstyle modifications. While various treatments exist, none is perfect, and the cornerstone of any scar revision is a thorough understanding of the patients’ dissatisfaction, functional limitations as a result of such scar and their expectations following treatment

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